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Technology Insights Data Management

Reduce Complexity and Cost Through Single Data Entry, Data Flow and Single Source of Truth

Successful clinical drug development depends upon having accurate, reliable data from numerous, disparate sources to satisfy the demands of regulators, payers, sites, sponsors, CROs and...

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Clinical Project Management Clinical Research / Monitoring

From Caution to Confidence: How Emerging Biotech Companies Can Win Over Investors and Demonstrate Value through an Effective Clinical Research Partnership

As we near the midpoint of 2023, emerging biotech companies are facing an evolving clinical research and development landscape in which time and money are proving to be both scarce and...

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Talent/Career Tips

Reskill Your Way to a Clinical Research Career

When making a career pivot, many people hit a wall almost immediately, stopped by a need for experience that seems impossible to get without being hired for the job requiring the...

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Clinical Research / Monitoring

Clinical Trial Agility: 3 Factors That Can Make or Break It

The word agility is thrown around a lot these days, to the point where it’s practically a buzzword. 

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Clinical Research / Monitoring Therapeutic Insights

Changing Cell & Gene Therapy Landscape and Implications on Clinical Trials

Cell & Gene Therapy Background

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Diversity & Inclusion

Understanding & Valuing Neurodiversity in the Workplace

In May and October of this year, I had the opportunity to facilitate a staff training entitled Understanding & Valuing Neurodiversity. This training deepened our understanding of...

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