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Topic: Technology Insights

Technology Insights Clinical Staffing

Making Us More Human: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Your Clinical Resourcing and Talent Acquisition Strategy

Since the high-profile release of ChatGPT, we’ve all been inundated by stories about the inevitable rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential doom and gloom of employing these...

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Technology Insights Data Management

Reduce Complexity and Cost Through Single Data Entry, Data Flow and Single Source of Truth

Successful clinical drug development depends upon having accurate, reliable data from numerous, disparate sources to satisfy the demands of regulators, payers, sites, sponsors, CROs and...

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Technology Insights Data Management

SCDM 2022 Key Takeaways: Fundamental Shifts in the Data Ecosystem

Although the Society for Clinical Data Management’s (SCDM) annual conference took place several weeks ago in San Antonio, Texas, there are many key takeaways that are worth noting as we...

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Clinical Research / Monitoring Technology Insights Data Management

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs): Protecting Your Data to Reduce Risk
By Advanced Clinical on September 22, 2022

Many professionals in the life sciences industry are excited about the benefits decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) bring to the clinical research process and specifically to patients. The...

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Clinical Research / Monitoring Technology Insights

Could Blockchain Transform Clinical Research?

Maintaining security and privacy is a major challenge within the clinical research industry. Blockchain technology could address that challenge, by enhancing data integrity. Blockchain is...

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Quality & Validation Technology Insights

35th Annual SQA Takeaways: Emerging Trends in Quality, Compliance and More
By Advanced Clinical on May 15, 2019

This year, the 35th Annual SQA Meeting and Quality College was home base for many of the Advanced Clinical Quality and Validation team members. With three of our teammates residing in the...

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