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New Report: 2017 Clinical Trial Innovations

By Lizzie Evans on December, 19 2017

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Lizzie Evans

It’s an exciting, yet challenging time. Technology innovations in the clinical research industry open up a world of data for researchers and the ability to collect it faster. It’s all good news—better accuracy, more data-driven decisions and improved treatment for patients. But there’s also a big challenge: how to minimize risk and at the same time efficiently operationalize new approaches.

To find out what clinical research professionals think, Advanced Clinical conducted a 2017 survey to learn about adoption—big data, wearables and other new technology.innovation report blog2-1.png

A new report, The Balancing Act: Innovation with Minimum Risk and Maximum Efficiency, offers these discoveries and more:

  • High interest in big data but incorporation still premature
  • Use of wearable technology—it’s here, more to come
  • Most impactful innovation—cell-based immunotherapy
  • The greatest threat to innovation—talent shortage

Ready for a deeper dive and practical tips on how to prepare?


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