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Do You Have The Skills To Be A Clinical Project Manager?

By Lizzie Evans on October, 28 2016

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Lizzie Evans

AAC Blog Article 1_Graphic-680684-edited.jpg clinical research project team typically comprises team members with a wide-ranging variety of experience and technical skills across clinical research functions such as clinical monitoring, data management, biostatistics, medical monitoring, medical writing and quality assurance.  The role of the Clinical Project Manager (CPM) is to ensure a clinical research project stays on target by collaborating with each function to manage all operational aspects of a clinical research study. 

Do you have the skills to be a Clinical Project Manager?

We asked our data management team to explain the qualities of a great Clinical Project Manager from the perspective of a data manager.

Here’s what they said:

A great Clinical Project Manager is always…


“One of the most important qualities of a great clinical project manager is to have knowledge or experience with every functional area on a team.  The best CPM’s I’ve worked with always know who is responsible for what, and have a thorough understanding of how tasks are performed within each function.”



“There are so many moving parts to a project, and timelines and goals are never done sequentially, but rather simultaneously.  Like an orchestra, all players are capable of reading and playing the music, but when the group is large, it becomes necessary for one person to organize the group, ensuring the music is played with such synchronism that it appears the music is coming from one person.”


“They must trust their team to get their individual tasks done without micromanaging, and are able to assist if requested.”


“They should be collaborative, and help their team members set realistic expectations.  Instead of just delegating tasks, it’s great when project managers set the tone that everyone is on the same page, with the same goals, and they are also greatly contributing to get us there as well.”


“Clinical Project Managers should be transparent with their teams. It always works best when CPM’s are able to acknowledge when they need help, openly discuss challenges and willing to take others’ suggestions.”'

Being technically skilled is important in order to achieve project goals and targets, but it requires a Clinical Project Manager with strong soft skills for a team to truly be successful.  

“Part of Advanced Clinical’s vision is to bring value-based solutions through a one-team approach.  I believe that having an excellent Clinical Project Manager is the key to achieving that result.” – Manager of Data Management, Advanced Clinical

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Special thanks go out to our Data Management team members for contributing to this article!


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